What the… interrobang‽

Did you ever come across an interrobang‽ Well now you did. It’s not a sex act, but the character ‘‽’ which combines the ? and ! in a single, short, funny looking glyph. 🙂 That could be one reason to use the character instead of “!?” or “?!” when you want to add some exclamation to your question. Another reason is to actually strike up a conversation by explaining that strange glyph you just used. Too bad people don’t speak using text balloons…

Is it hard to use the ‽? Yes, it’s not on your regular keyboard for some reason. To use it you either have to enter some magic alt-key code or copy-paste the thing. Not part of the regular set of characters, called Latin or something. So that’s why at least I won’t use it very often.

It’s more of a fancy pants character, not commonly know nor used. People with poor sight might have distinguishing it from the regular question mark or think their screen has a dead pixel.

Even with all the negative aspects to actually getting the thing on-screen, mind you not all font types have a glyph for it, it looks… different enough to throw about once in a while.